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I will personally meet with every personal injury client at our office in Denver or at your home, hospital and other office locations in Metro Denver.

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   Motorcycle v Auto

Get Medical Care Paid Even Without Insurance !
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Personal Injury Lawyer Denver, Colorado
  • 30 Years Representing Accident Victims
  • Discounted Contingent Fee
  • Why pay T.V. Lawyers More?
  • Personal Attention-Better Results
  • Why talk to T.V. Lawyers Assistants?
  • No Fee Unless We Collect
  • Free Consultation and Case plan
  • Hospital or Home Visits
  • Settlements or Trial 
  • Referrals to Medical Care and Financial Help

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"Mr. Jimenez is the best! 
I refer him to all my friends   and family for any legal question, because of his many years experience.  I never had to speak to someone else about my case. "  


I Advance Case Costs
Thousands Of Satisfied Clients
I Get To Know My Clients

"I am personally involved in every case.  Many clients hire me after they have been ignored by big box T.V. law firms.  I answer every call and email myself." ​​

-Alan Jimenez-

Biography of Alan Jimenez, Attorney


I work on a large variety of cases.  If I have not listed your case, then please call because the odds are that we can help.
We Are Successful In 98% Of Our Cases

   Our Plan Will Get You:
  • Cash Settlement
  • Doctor Referrals
  • Medical Care Paid  
  • Wage Loss Paid
  • Loss of Earning Capacity Paid
  • Pain and Suffering Paid
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life Paid
  • Permanent Injury Paid
  • Physical Impairment Paid
  • All Other Damages Paid

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  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
Deal Directly with the Attorney
$29 Million Recovered For My Clients

Avoid The Big Firm Runaround:
  • I Meet With Every Client
  • I Return Every Call
  • I Will Handle The Case Not An Assistant
  • Your Case Will Not Get Passed Around
  • Your Case Will Not Go To The Bottom Pile
  • I Will Set Up Your Case For Settlement
  • I Will Go To Trial When Necessary
  • I Will Not Loose Track Of Your Case
  • I Will Give Regular Updates
  • My Experience Is Unmatched
  • I Get Paid Only If Case Resolves

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